Ousmane DiaganaThe Vice President of the World Bank at GICAM

The Vice President of the World Bank at GICAM

For a more Inclusive Public - Private Dialogue

The Cameroon Employers Organization, on Wednesday, September 15, 2021, received a delegation from the World Bank, led by Mr. Ousmane DIAGANA, Vice President of the World Bank for West and Central Africa.

Within the context of a global health crisis, this visit aimed at presenting the actions of the World Bank as a result of the ravages of the crisis on one hand, recall the necessity of measures aimed at guaranteeing a firm recovery; and equally discuss with companies on the conditions for an effective economic recovery on the other hand.

In his introductory statement, the President of GICAM stated that company situation is a cause of concern, thus establishing the diagnosis of the business environment as experienced by the Companies, resulting from the health crisis whose effects have not yet fully faded, and its recovery hampered by burdens coupled to the international inflation of input prices.

With the business environment of the Cameroonian economy being amongst the least favorable, concrete solutions were proposed by the employers' organization such as: The definition of a new framework for dialogue between the public and private sectors; the change of fiscal paradigm drift away from budgetary taxation to development taxation with a pact of commitment between the public and private sectors; the reform of the judicial system with the implementation of commercial courts; the support of development partners for the revival of economies and not only macroeconomic and budgetary adjustment.

In response to the President's concerns and proposals, Mr. Ousmane Diagana indicated that these are fully shared and form an essential of talk points with public authorities, while making a commitment to relentlessly contribute  to revive the framework for a more effective public-private dialogue, as the failure of the current framework is noted in many countries.  A commitment raising of hopes for the improvement of the business environment in Cameroon.

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