Digital Meet UpE-Insurance: the outbreak of a new era for Cameroon’s Insurance industry.

E-Insurance: the outbreak of a new era for Cameroon’s Insurance industry.

The Digital Economy Committee of GICAM, organised on Tuesday 25th May 2021 the 4th edition of the Digital Meet-Up (DMU) at its headquarters in Bonanjo Douala and online via zoom. 

The insurance business line was in the spotlight. 

This fourth edition of the Digital Meet-Up aimed to provide an overview of the insurance offer in Cameroon, with an emphasis on the digitization of the core-process to improve the quality of service and the relationship with the insured. 

With the help of insurance experts Theophle Moulong, President of ASAC, Emilienne Biboum HRD at MTN Cameroon, Thierry Kouandjeu Deputy Managing Director of Activa, Edmond Jemba, Director of digital development at Atlantique Assurances, Babacar Gueye, Deputy Managing Director at Zenith Insurance, under the chairmanship of Mrs. Reine Mbang Essobmadje, 1st Vice President of GICAM the following issues were addressed to explore the untapped opportunities of this business line.

  • Customer acquisition and retention;
  • Improved user experience;
  • Simplification of the customer journey;
  • Facilitation of claims management;
  • Insurance calendar ;
  • Promotion of insurance products ;
  • Insurance of intangible property.

The members of the panel agree to the fact that digitization can prove to be the keystone to boost the development of this business sector, whose penetration rate is low, (at 2%), whereas the Cameroonian market is the second market in the CIMA (Inter-African Conference of Insurance Markets) zone. 

This meeting enabled the stakeholder in the insurance sector to identify new opportunities in particular market niches, other modes of consumption of products and services, simplification of procedures, personalization of coverage, improvement of the insurer-policyholder relationship.

The 4th edition of the Digital Meet up has equipped participants with the appropriate information and more methods on how to transform their services in order to attract, covert, conclude with clients in order to make their businesses more profitable.


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